What is Couples / Marital Mediation?

Marital Mediation gives couples the tools to identify conflicts and resolve them.

In our experience, the primary reason for marital discord is often related to communication. In some instances, the way spouses communicate ignites anger, hurt and frustration. In other cases, it is the lack of communication that leads to misunderstanding and alienation.

But communication is not the only issue that can create stress in a marriage. Financial pressures, childcare, sexual relations, household chores, the use of computers and television viewing, personal hygiene, friends and relatives can also create conflict.

Our clients have told us that Marital Mediation helped them to communicate more effectively, and ultimately improved their relationship.

Is Marital Mediation Like Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling?

The short answer is “no.” Couples therapy and marriage counseling often delve into deeper psychological issues, and a therapist is likely to explore personal and family history. Therapy is generally a long-term commitment. Marital Mediation, by contrast, usually takes between five to eight sessions.

Marital Mediation is future- focused. We help couples gain a more complete understanding of each other’s points-of-view so that new habits and patterns can develop. This process enables couples to engage in new ways of communicating in order to resolve old problems. Marital Mediation can be helpful to those who have attempted counseling but were unsuccessful, as well as to those who are interested in working on their relationship but prefer an alternative to counseling or therapy. Mediation may also be used in conjunction with therapy or counseling.

Is Marital Mediation Right for Us?

The essential question a couple should ask is, “If we were able to resolve our conflicts, would we want to stay married?” If the answer is “yes,” Marital Mediation is right for you.


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