Even after the ink has dried on a Divorce Agreement, new issues can still arise. Situations change. The goal of Post Divorce Mediation is to help couples reach agreements when new matters come up or old issues need to be revisited.

Issues resolved include:

  • Changes in financial situation; i.e.,  the loss of a job or ability to work
  • Unforeseen medical situations
  • Parenting Plans. As children grow up, their schedules and needs evolve. 
  • Joint events such as birthdays, graduations, Bar/Bat Mitvahs, Confirmations, weddings, religious holidays, New Years and Thanksgiving 
  • Care of grandchildren
  • Changes in personal circumstances, such as relocation or re-marriage


Some of these issues can require modification to the existing divorce agreement. Post Divorce Mediation is the perfect means to achieve this.


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